ROSATOM’s Machine Engineering Division will manufacture and supply equipment for small hydro power plants (HPPs).
In particular, Atomenergomash and Ruselprom LLC will be the vendors of the essential equipment for Ust-Dzhegutinskaya and Barsuchkovskaya small hydro power plants (SHPPs) in the interests of PJSC RusHydro.
Following the results of the open tender, Russelprom LLC will manufacture and supply two sets of hydro power equipment of 5.6 MW total capacity for Ust-Dzhegutinskaya SHPP and install it in the third quarter of 2018. For Barsuchkovskaya SHPP there will be 3 sets of hydro power equipment of 1.7 MW capacity each. Total capacity of the plant will be 5.13 MW.
Atomenergomash will supply the hydro turbines based on the contract between the companies. The affiliated Hungarian company of the holding, GANZ EEM, will manufacture the turbines.
For information:
According to the Russian law, small hydro power plants (SHPPs) are HPPs with the installed capacity of no more than 25 MW. At the present time, there are about 300 SHPP with near 1.3 GW of the total capacity in Russia. With that, the small hydro power development program assumes building of 275 SHPPs with the total capacity of 1.86 GW in Russia by 2020. The small HPP investment projects have several important advantages: short preparation and construction term and no need of attending the plants. Most SHPPs can operate in fully automatic mode. The advantages of small hydro power also include low prime cost of electricity and operational costs, relatively cheap equipment replacement costs and longer service life of HPPs. 
Ganz Engineering and Energetics Machinery llc. (Hungary) produces equipment for hydro power, thermal power as well as nuclear power. The company has mastered manufacture of all three main types of medium-size turbines for hydro power (Pelton, Francis and Kaplan). GANZ EEM has the vast design experience, technological potential and unique testing facilities.