The ATOMEXPO 2022 International Nuclear Power Exhibition opened in Sochi, Russia. The main topic of the forum is “Nuclear Spring: Creating a Sustainable Future”. More than 2500 specialists along with leading experts from 65 countries are going to take part in this event this year.

As part of the two-day forum (21 and 22 November), plenary sessions, round table and panel discussions will be held involving a wide range of interested participants from around the globe to discuss the role the nuclear energy is playing in meeting the objectives on the global nuclear agenda and the contribution of nuclear technology to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Developments Goals.

The participants will also discuss the problems of the green and blue economy strategies, the role and place of Artificial Intelligence in nuclear energy, prospects ad opportunities for closed nuclear fuel cycle, industry digitalization amid current challenges and a range of other pressing issues. The program of the forum includes around 40 events.

Round table discussion on diversification of solutions for "Green" Energy Transition to be organized at “Atomexpo 2022”

The experts will discuss the plans and challenges that are faced by the countries developing renewable energy sources, as well as approaches to dealing with such issues as irregularity in electricity supply and consumption, compensating capacities and diversification of energy sources, requirements and tools to reduce polluting emissions, “green” tariffs and regulation in the area of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

Also, practical experience and prospects for technological approaches when combining various types of “green” generation (wind power, water power engineering, energy storage systems) to ensure stable energy supply and efficient energy transition will be discussed as part of the round table talk.

The Director General of Rosatom, Mr Alexey Likhachev opened the forum together with the Deputy Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mikhail Chudakov and Princess Mtombeni, the founder of “Africa for Nuclear”. “The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) predicts at least 600 GW of global nuclear capacity to be created by 2050,” said Alexey Likhachev at the plenary sessions of ATOMEXPO 2022 Forum. – That would mean at least thousands of constructions where dozens of thousands of people would be involved, and then millions would operate these sites. We are at the doorstep of certain qualitative changes”.
“Atomexpo” International Forum, a key event of the nuclear industry, kicks off in Sochi
“Atomexpo” International Forum, a key event of the nuclear industry, kicks off in Sochi