Accreditation of mass media representatives to the Tenth Anniversary International Forum ATOMEXPO-2018 started on the 14th of March, 60 days before the event which will be held on May 14-16 in Sochi’s Main Media Center.
Rules of accreditation and work at the event are also accessible on the official web-site of the event. In particular, it is stated that the right to be accredited shall have representatives of Russian mass media registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Mass Media” as well as representatives of foreign mass media registered in accordance with their national laws.
Applications are welcome before May 8 on the web-site of the Forum. Application filled out incompletely or with mistakes will not be accepted.
Badges for mass media representatives will be given at the Registration Desk on the Forum’s site. One has to produce his/her passport and press card or an official letter on the mass media letterhead stating the journalist’s assignment.
The main theme of the Forum is as follows: “Global Partnership – Joint Success”. In his welcoming address to the Forum participants Director General of ROSATOM Alexei Likhachev noted: “Today, in order to solve the key issues of the nuclear power industry – ensuring energy security, stability of supplies, and environmental friendliness – global partnerships and innovations are especially important. We are convinced that moving forward towards the further development of the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and towards a global “green” energy balance is only possible through joint efforts.”
Round-tables and panel discussions are planned in frames of three topical tracks: “Digital Future and Industry 4.0”, “New Power Engineering”, and “People of Nuclear Industry”. The three-day business program of the Forum will include over 20 events: plenary session and panel discussions, round-table sessions and presentations. In particular, the round-table session “Development of Competencies for Newcomers and Countries Expanding the Nuclear Power Programs” will discuss the experience in development of nuclear infrastructure in UAE and Belarus; the IAEA’s experience in missions to assess nuclear infrastructures as well as a set of issues the countries come across while creating their regulatory infrastructures. Participants of the round-table session "Globalization as a condition for success: from contract to partnership" will discuss new trends in NPP engineering and the round-table session "Green investments: creating possibilities, expanding horizons” will share their experience in building successful models of financing green-energy projects. At the discussion in frames of the round-table "A promising future for small solutions" the experts, designers and potential customers are to answer the question why small reactor technologies will be an attractive solution and to assess main barriers on the way of successful implementation of small reactor projects and opportunities of mutually beneficial partnership in this area. Advantages of closing the nuclear fuel cycle in terms of environmental safety and reasonable use of resources will be discussed by participants of the round-table «Lifecycle of nuclear fuel”. Main themes include: promising types of fuel, molten salt reactor, use of recycling products, radioactive waste fractioning, and methods of waste transmutation. The round-table discussion "International scientific cooperation and advanced research infrastructure is the basis of innovative development of nuclear energy" will be designated to the development of reactor technologies of Generation IV, development of fast neutron reactors, international projects ICR MBIR (Russia) and JHR (France) as well as priority research areas after 2025.
ROSATOM and IAEA’s third joint school of management in the field of nuclear energy use will be held at ATOMEXPO for the first time. Its main goal is to transfer a unique educational experience in the field of nuclear program management to the countries planning to develop the nuclear power industry. 
The first ATOMEXPO AWARDS will be a special event. It is a professional international award for outstanding merit of a company in the world industry and its significant contribution to the development of the nuclear industry and its use of nuclear power for the benefit of mankind. The awards ceremony will be celebrated on the opening day of the Forum – May 14, 2018. 
The business program of ATOMEXPO-2018 will be supplemented by a broad exhibition of leading companies of the world nuclear [power and associated industries.
All questions related to the accreditation and work on the Forum’s site media representatives can address to the press service of Forum’s operator, Atomexpo LLC.