General Director of Rosatom’s Wind Energy Division Grigory Nazarov participated in the strategic session “Development of Green Energy in the Context of Growing Sanctions Restrictions: Economic and Technological Aspects,” which was a part of the international event and exhibition RENWEX-2024. 

The roundtable discussion was also attended by Mikhail Kuznetsov, Director of the Department of Machine Building for the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation; Andrey Maksimov, Director of the Department of Electric Power Industry Development of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation; Alexey Zhikharev, Director of the Renewable Energy Development Association; Oleg Shutkin, Deputy General Director of Unigreen Energy; and Oleg Gaida, Director for Energy Markets and External Relations of the System Operator of the Unified Energy System. The session was moderated by Irina Gaida, Deputy Director of the Project Center for Energy Transition at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. 

The experts discussed the engineering development for each of the key types of RES, the need for a balance between increasing the volume of generation based on renewable energy sources and the development of Russia’s technological leadership in this area. 

“Rosatom realizes the importance of the task of achieving technological sovereignty in the field of RES, in particular wind energy. We have developed a proposal in which we act as developers of wind energy projects and are ready to integrate our competencies into the further development of the industry. We already manufacture the most technologically complex elements of the wind turbine at our production facilities. Nevertheless, industrial cooperation with Russian partners and friendly countries is also important to us,” said Grigory Nazarov, CEO of Rosatom’s Wind Energy Division. 

Rosatom’s Wind Power Division consolidates the state corporation’s efforts in advanced segments and technology platforms of the electric energy industry. The division was incorporated in September 2017. It concentrates the management of all Rosatom’s competencies in the wind power industry, from design and construction to power engineering and operation of wind power plants. So far, Rosatom has commissioned over 1 GW of wind power capacity. Altogether Rosatom will commission wind power plants with a total capacity of about 1.7 GW by 2027. 

The Russian partners of Rosatom’s wind power projects are increasing the production of necessary machinery and equipment, strengthening the country’s technological sovereignty. The task of producing its own components is also being solved within Rosatom. Rosatom Fuel Company has launched a corresponding project. In 2027, a large-capacity full-cycle production of permanent rare-earth magnets with a capacity of 1,000 tons will be launched in Russia, reaching the planned capacity in 2028, with the possibility of increasing the production volume above 3,000 tons after 2030. Rosatom also announced the launch of blade production based on its own composite division. 

Today, the energy sector is the basis for the progressive social and economic development of the country, providing supplies to industry and citizens. Russia continues to upgrade its energy complex, including nuclear facilities. This work is implemented taking into account the current trends of digitalization and the substitution of imported equipment. The share of low-carbon power generation in the Russian energy sector is already about 40%. 

In perspective, given the growing share of wind generation and nuclear capacity, it will only grow.