On the 1st of September 2017 the pre-start-up peer review by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) ended at Rostov NPP (a branch of Rosenergoatom in Volgodonsk).
A group of WANO experts which included representatives of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Chine, South Korea, France, Slovakia and Canada assessed availability of Unit 4 for start-up.
During the pre-start-up peer review the international experts looked through the Unit 4 documentation, interviewed operating personnel, visited the training division of the nuclear power plant and pre-start-up power unit.
Reflecting on the peer review, Director of WANO Moscow Center Vasily Aksenov said that Unit 4 of the nuclear power plant was as safe and reliable as all units of Rostov NPP. “I’m sure the unit will operate safely and this is supported by a number of things: first, this is an analysis of the pre-start-up peer review of Unit 4. Second, this is already fourth unit which is started-up in Volgodonsk in the XXI century and the plant is operated by strong, close-knit, experienced team of nuclear workers. If the Government decides to build four units more, this would make the NPP team only stronger,” Aksenov said.
Head of the WANO Peer Review Team Kim Hye Jin thanked the Volgodonsk nuclear workers for the joint work well done and wished them safe operation of Rostov NPP.
Rostov Plant Manager Andrey Salnikov stressed that the joint work of the international experts and Rostov plant specialists facilitated safety enhancement of NPP and expressed his gratitude to the experts for their labor.
The joint work of the WANO international experts and Rostov plant nuclear workers has resulted in a draft report with recommendations which have been agreed upon with the NPP management. The plant will start operating closely following these recommendations.