Russian Nuclear Corporation Rosatom announced this week that it has a number of bursaries available for African students to study towards a nuclear profession at one of its world renowned universities. The announcement was made at this year’s Working World Exhibition, the most comprehensive and cutting edge career forum for school leaving students. More than 15 000 students are said to attend the three day event and Rosatom representatives were offering guidance on how to apply for a free tertiary education in the nuclear sphere. Viktor Polikarpov, Rosatom Regional Vice-President for Sub-Saharan Africa, noted that Russia, is one of the global leaders in scientific development. “We offer a broad range of educational opportunities for foreign students and young specialists to gain relevant knowledge in different scientific fields. There is currently an opportunity for 60 African students, including ten South African students, to study for a Bachelor’s degree in nuclear-related subjects at one of our cutting edge learning institutions. This is a great opportunity for foreign students who want to become a part of unique learning experience which has been gained over decades. The Russian nuclear industry celebrated 70 years last year”. South African Master’s student at the Department of Teoretical and Experimental Physics of Nuclear Reactors in MEPhI, Blessed Raphotle, says that he feels esteemed and privileged to study at one of the world’s leading research universities, especially in the field of nuclear technology. The future nuclear engineer highlighted that the educational process in MEPhI corresponds to highest standards and the main approach of lectures is to stimulate students into acquiring more knowledge. “I will take all the knowledge I have gained back to South Africa with the hope of inspiring a set of values and ideals towards a productive society. Everything in the University is based on the principles of openness, internationalism, and innovation,” noted Raphotle. With over 70-years’ experience in the industry, Rosatom believes with certainty that nuclear technology has a critical role to play in the enhancement of modern society, not just through the production of clean sustainable energy but also through the further advancement of medicine, including; diagnostics, imaging, scanning and analysis. Rosatom views education as a vital aspect of its collaboration with potential partner countries and therefore plays an active role in the development of South African educational system. The company has thus far granted a number of student scholarships, holds competitions with trips to Russia as main prizes and gives local schools the equipment needed to conduct laboratory tests. Rosatom also launched a number of exciting competitions during this years Working World Exhibition, in the hopes of inspiring young South African to pursue a career in nuclear. Polikarpov concluded that: “These young students are our future, and it will be the job of these young minds to use science to improve the world, there is so much to still to learn about the possibilities of nuclear energy. I hope that the experience they have gained at this forum has fostered some excitement towards the sciences. Hopefully one day in the near future we will be welcoming them to one of our top universities in Russia to learn more about this fascinating field.” 
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<div><i>For editors: Rosatom has been supporting South African students and schoolchildren for past 4 years in various formats, from providing popularization materials about nuclear technologies and nuclear energy, funding familiarization trips for winners of student essay contests, supplying local schools with scientific equipment to sending students to study in Russia. If you would like to interview one of participants of Rosatom education support activities, please contact Rosatom Africa press secretary Ryan Collyer at or +27 11 784 2554 (desk) or +27 73 289 23 75 (mobile) or Instinctif Partners consultant Tshene Wedi or +27 11 447 3030 (desk) or +27 82 659 8318 (mobile). </i></div>