The first group of nuclear power engineers from Egypt has successfully protected its diplomas at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Students have studied the designing and operation of Nuclear power plants based on a joint program with the Egyptian-Russian University. That program has no analogues in Russia.
The «Nuclear Power plants: design, operation and engineering» program was launched in 2015. At that time, six students from Egypt have joined the program. During the first three years, they have studied in their native land, and further, they moved to Tomsk.
"This program is fully in English, at the specialist level. Students have studied for 5.5 years totally. It has started in Egypt where they’ve begun to studying natural-science basic theories and disciplines. Further, they moved to TPU for the next 2.5 years where they studied the fundamental base of physics and kinetics, neutron-physical calculations, the principles of design, operation and engineering of the nuclear plants", said Vladimir Gubin, deputy director of the development of the TPU engineering school of energy.
According to Vladimir Gubin, "in total, there are around 10 programs in the field of nuclear energy in different educational institutions across Russia, but this program is unique because of its complexity. We can say we prepare the elite for the nuclear power of Egypt because we teach the specialists not based on the separate elements, like the reactor, turbines, and steam plant. Our graduates can control the full cycle of nuclear plant operation".
As final qualifying works students from Egypt presented projects of NPP power units with various electric power capacities. "After receiving my diploma, I will return to Egypt. I plan to work in the field of my specialization and I want to help to develop the nuclear energy in my country. This is a very interesting and complicated direction", said Assar Mahmud Helad Rayad Ali, program graduate. Currently, three more Egyptian groups study in the TPU.
"The number of students grows every year. While during the first year there were only six students, this year already 21 students have joined the program. They are the future employees of the nuclear plant's main engineering departments. After gathering some experience, further, they can operate the plant themselves", added Vladimir Gubin.
Rosatom implements the project of the first El Dabaa NPP comprised of 4 power units.