The application campaign for the 3rd season of the international track "We are together" will last until July 20th, 2023

This was stated by the chairman of the International Directorate of the Prize Leonid Mikhailovich Roshal.

The international track of the Prize “We are together” was launched in 2020 to support the global volunteer community during the pandemic. The idea received a great response, and a track called "We are together" became an annual. Its aim is to encourage citizens and organizations from all over the world for their selfless contribution to solving the most important humanitarian problems and strengthening international cooperation.

"During this time, we have accumulated a lot of experience and improved our work every year. We see that the attention to the Prize is also growing. Today the time is so turbulent in the world that’s why it is very principal for us to build bridges of friendship between countries and individuals," said Leonid Roshal, the Chairman of the International Directorate of the Prize, President of the National Medical Chamber, President of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, Children's Doctor of the World.

Within the framework of the track "We are together", applications are accepted from volunteers and organizations representing countries of 6 regions: the CIS, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, North and South America.

Kindness and volunteerism unite people all over the world – and the results of “We are together” confirm this statement. In 2021 the organizers received applications from 59 countries of the world, in 2022 – from 85 countries. The coverage of beneficiaries of all projects presented in the International track amounted to more than 22 million people. The winners of the previous seasons were citizens and organizations of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Portugal, Israel, Denmark, USA, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, India, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Qatar, Zimbabwe, Liberia and the Republic of South Africa.

The organizers of the Prize are waiting for the participants of a new season and invite them to collaborate in order to contribute to further cooperation and the development of volunteerism in the world.

Applications for the season of 2023 are accepted until July 20th on the official website Applications must contain a description of the nominees' special contribution to solving humanitarian problems and developing international partnership.

To evaluate the applications, the organizers invited independent foreign experts – leaders of non-profit organizations from 32 countries: from Chile to Zimbabwe. The International Directorate includes leaders of the Youth Forum of Islamic Cooperation, the UN Economic and Social Council in Africa, the Secretariat for Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia and national volunteer movements. They will make the final decision on the laureates of the track in 2023.

Each of the 9 track laureates will receive a prize in the amount of $10,000. The finalists will be invited to the International Forum of Civic Participation #WEARETOGETHER, which will be held in Moscow on December 5, 2023. The Forum will be attended by top officials of the country and leaders of international organizations.

"Our impact has escalated after the honor of receiving the Prize. We are in the middle of launching two new segments to enhance our telemedicine care services further. We have an opportunity to pay special attention to investments in the training and development of medical workers, as well as employees of the head office. We have plans to bring Sehat Kahani to the global level" (Nida Farooqi, Executive Director for Technological Development of the Sehat Kahani platform, Pakistan, laureate of the Prize in 2022 in the nomination "Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle").

Sehat Kahani is a digital healthcare platform in Pakistan created to democratize medical consultations through the development of telemedicine services. The organization focuses on low-income communities. The project mobile app allows people to involve doctors of various specialties in consultations – from cardiologists to speech therapists, who have already managed to help 7 million people.

“We Are Together” Prize is an example of a philosophy that unites countries around the world: help, support, mutual assistance. As an expert, I see that every year people apply such projects that make a significant contribution to the development of different countries. Innovative ideas and projects appear every year. These are not just volunteer initiatives — they are hundreds of thousands of "thanks" for alleviating people's suffering and new opportunities for those who need them most" (Beganim Maxwell, independent expert of the Prize, Ghana).

"Winning the “We Are Together” Prize is a recognition not only of my merits, but also of the merits of my volunteer team. This inspires us to work even harder for our community and nation" (Rohit Kumar, President of the Youth Welfare Association "Shwarmani", India, laureate of the Prize in 2022 in the nomination "Ecology and Sustainable Development" with the project "Sustainable Action through Volunteering". The project has helped more than 50 thousand people to gain knowledge on the topic of careful treatment of nature and a healthy lifestyle).

For reference:

The International Prize We Are Together – is an annual international event aimed at encouraging foreign citizens and organizations for their selfless contribution to solving important humanitarian problems and strengthening international humanitarian cooperation. The Prize is awarded annually to citizens and organizations regardless of their country of residence, nationality, gender, etc.

The selection of the Laureates of the Prize is made from 6 regions of the world: the CIS, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and North Africa, North and South America, Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2023 the official theme of the Prize is «Social change through volunteering». The applications for the Prize can be submitted by both «Individuals» (volunteers and unregistered associations of initiative citizens) and «Legal entities» (non-profit, public and business organizations) in 3 nominations:
- Ecology and sustainable development;
- Healthcare and Emergency Response;
- Equal Opportunities and Social Justice.

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