3. Ryan Collyer.JPG

CEO – Ryan Collyer

Ryan Collyer joined Rosatom Africa in October 2014 with the task of promoting the Rosatom brand as well as driving public awareness of nuclear in the region. He boasts a wealth of experience in technical communications.
6. Irina Simonova.JPG

Commercialisation Manager – Irina Simonova

Irina Simonova joined ROSATOM Africa as Market Research Analyst in March 2015. She has since diversified into commercialisation and is currently responsible for introducing various innovative products and services under the Rosatom portfolio into the region.

She has strong technical background and working knowledge in data analysis in various industries.

Evdokia Polyakovskaya

 PR manager – Evdokia Polyakovskaya

Evdokia joined Rosatom International Network in 2015 as a specialist in the department of marketing communications of the Central office. In 2018 she was relocated to South Africa to join the local team. She is responsible for communications with media, experts, academic community, organizing events and raising public awareness of nuclear in Sub-Saharan Africa in general.  

4. Vita Agafonova.JPG

Administrative Director – Vita Agafonova

Vita Agafonova joined Rosatom Central and Southern Africa in January 2017. Vita has a strong legal background and is responsible for the company’s administration.