The Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Centre of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM was opened in early-2012 to represent the company and to promote its technology and vast offering in the region. ROSATOM has been a reliable partner to the South African nuclear sector for many years, and the corporation intends to further develop this co-operation moving forward.
ROSATOM is very interested in the revitalisation of the nuclear industry in the region, the company feels that it has all the necessary solutions on offer to best empower the region though sustainable and affordable energy. The company not only seeks to be a technical partner but through understanding the needs of the market seeks rather to offer an integrated solution which includes localisation, job creation and other socio-economic benefits.
The company not only sees opportunity in the energy sector but also in the fields of agriculture, science, medicine and education.
One of the responsibilities of the Regional Centre is to identify partners and possible suppliers who are capable of providing quality services and products to ROSATOM projects, not only in Africa, but Russia and globally.