Rosatom’s integrated offer

With the view of providing support to the national atomic energy program at every stage, Rosatom makes its foreign customers the integrated offer providing access to the entire range of products and services during the whole NPP life cycle. Besides construction based on Russian technologies, this offer includes creation and development of the national infrastructure; assistance in formation of the corresponding legal base; personnel training and requalification; involvement of the local industry in the project; fuel supply and NPP maintenance; support in NPP operation; spent nuclear fuel management; public acceptance of nuclear power.

Nuclear infrastructure

Rosatom is able to provide any required support to the customer country in its effort to create and develop the national infrastructure in order to control and regulate the atomic energy program in compliance with the IAEA recommendations. The development of the atomic infrastructure program may start immediately upon decision of a particular state government to include nuclear power in its national energy strategy. Development of the nuclear infrastructure at the early stages of preparation and implementation of the national nuclear program ensures the reduction of possible economic, sociopolitical, nuclear, technical, administrative, financial and other risks.

Personnel training

Save and reliable operation of power as well as research reactors may only be ensured by highly qualified personnel, that is why we pay particular attention to the local staff training. In addition to the NPP employees training, our educational service also includes training courses for the whole range of highly-qualified specialists from technical support personnel to the managers of national regulating and government departments.

Training programs for foreign personnel are based on the IAEA guidelines and standards considering rich experience of leading Russian universities specializing in nuclear specialist training. Rosatom provides quotas for education of foreign students in leading Russian technical universities with further on-the-job training at the Russian nuclear facilities under operation.

Public acceptance

Work in the area of public opinion and acceptance of the nuclear technology is important for successful project implementation in any country. Rosatom provides its assistance in PR strategy development and implementation (including seminars, round tables and other issue-related PR events; media trips organized for the customer countries to the Russian nuclear facilities, etc.). Efficient PR tools include the nuclear power information centers. These are PR platforms that are used to provide nuclear technology information and education to schoolchildren, students and teachers.

Energy solution

Rosatom owns assets in every area of the nuclear manufacturing chain. The comprehensive power solution contains the NPP turnkey construction including design, construction and installation, start-up and commissioning, uninterrupted fuel supplies, maintenance and support.

The flagship product of Rosatom’s energy solution is Gen III+ VVER-1200, the advanced reactor design. The important feature of the project is the advantageous combination of active and passive safety systems which ensures the compliance with the post-Fukushima safety requirements.

Maintenance solution

Rosatom’s companies have extensive experience in providing comprehensive maintenance and modernization service to Russian-design NPPs. Rosatom has unique experience in operation of 36 NPP units in Russia being the leading power generating company on the national market. Besides our advanced nuclear power technical solutions, we are willing to share our long experience in NPP operation with our customers. Russian experts can provide its assistance in any form at the customer’s convenience including technical consulting, maintenance, backup operation, etc., relating to the issues of operating company establishment, licensing, project management, equipment and work acceptance, power generation management, system and equipment operation, equipment management, compliance with radiation, industrial and environmental requirements.

Fuel solution

Rosatom fabricates and supplies nuclear fuel during the whole plant operation period considering the necessity to ensure nuclear, radiation and environmental safety.

Spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management

Rosatom offers its foreign customers the services of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management including nuclear, radiation and environmental safety.

Local industry involvement

Rosatom guarantees the maximum possible involvement of industrial and construction companies of the customer countries in the project. The local companies of the countries that have no experience in the nuclear construction may be involved in civil construction and installation, supply of equipment and materials that are not safety-related. The local content will be much higher in the countries with developed industry and experience in manufacturing of nuclear power equipment due to greater local possibilities including manufacturing and supply of critical equipment.

Further information on Rosatom’s integrated offer is available on the website of Rusatom Overseas