At the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28), Rosatom State Corporation announced that is has joined the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). The move formalizes the company’s practical efforts aimed at guaranteeing women equal opportunities for professional development. The document reaffirms Rosatom’s commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals as part of its UN Global Compact membership.


After joining the United Nations Global Compact in 2020, Rosatom has been very active in its efforts aimed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The State Corporation provides general access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern sources of energy; maintains a broad range of jobs; follows the culture of responsible consumption and manufacturing; develops partnership ties with local communities; and encourages lifelong learning. Endorsing the Women Empowerment Principles signals a new level of commitment to the realization of the Global Compact principles.

Commenting on the occasion, Tatiana Terentieva, Rosatom’s Deputy Director General for Human Resources, pointed out that “today’s practice has long proven that providing equal career opportunities boosts employee motivation, involvement, workplace satisfaction, and professional happiness. Staffing solutions based on principles of equality and women empowerment help increase performance and the quality of work, positively affect financial performance, and open up new market possibilities. By endorsing the WEPs, Rosatom confirms its commitment to follow a path that combines the best practices, standards, and instruments to promote sustainable development in the nuclear industry.”

Natalia Dorpeko, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Association in Russia, says that Rosatom, in becoming part of an initiative that unites over 8,000 companies striving to ensure equal opportunities for their employees, contributes to the cause of social justice, responsibility, and equality, and called upon the entire society to join the movement. “I am confident that the experience of one of Russia’s leading high-tech companies will be useful for those who are building their strategy in the spirit of sustainable development,” she added.

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Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) is an initiative developed by the UN Global Compact and the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. It aims to inform companies about international labor and human rights standards and encourage businesses to promote gender equality and women's empowerment to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5.