On January 17-24, during Rosatom’s High Tech for Sustainable Future Week held in the Russian pavilion, EXPO 2020 World’s Fair, Dubai (UAE), the company presented the new high tech business lines introduced in the recent years.

The Cutting Edge Composite Materials panel discussion hosted by the Composite Materials Division, Rosatom, covered the extensive applications of composites to meet the sustainable development goals. The new materials change the conventional manufacturing technology and contribute to the emergence of new industries that reduce negative impacts on the environment. The event was attended by the representatives of Faber Industrie SpA, Kawasaki Puccetti Racing, Albatross Marine Design and other international companies.

The Wind Energy Division, Rosatom, hosted another panel discussion. Egor Grinkevich, Deputy General Director, Technical and Regulatory Development, NovaWind, spoke about the company's success in the Russian market and its plans to enter the international market. Representatives of Chartered Trust, GÜRİŞ HOLDING, Infra Impact Investment Managers, Gazprombank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Hulisani attended the event. The attendees discussed the current state of the wind energy market, new project funding options including the public debt market, development institutions, infrastructure funds, and other sources. The panel members talked about renewable energy projects in the world markets and the regional challenges.  "Rosatom has been extremely successful in the Russian wind energy market. Currently, the company's share of the national wind energy market reaches 35%. The next logical step for us would be to enter the global energy market to scale up our experience", Egor Grinkevich noted.

The Breakthrough Russian Digital Solutions for the Public Sector and Industry session members discussed the potential of Russian IT solutions and announced their joint efforts to win the global market. Maxim Parshin, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Alexey Busev, Executive Director, Russia-UAE Business Council, as well as senior executives from Top Systems, ABBYY, Postgres Professional, and others attended the session.

Ekaterina Solntseva, Director of Digitalization, Rosatom, emphasized that Rosatom, as a developer of many products for the nuclear industry, also collaborates with IT industry partners in the Russian and global markets and is going to present integrated Russian digital solutions in the international market. "Russia ranks the world’s first in the NPP construction, and it is not for nothing that we are considered as a leader of the global nuclear industry. We believe the same breakthrough can be achieved in the digital domain. Rosatom, with its unparalleled experience in complicated international engineering projects, and Russian companies that have already developed breakthrough technologies will introduce competitive solutions and products in the global market", Ekaterina Solntseva said.

Rosatom is a global technology leader and the world's top nuclear power industry player, operating in more than fifty countries. As one of the nuclear power industry pioneers, Rosatom offers cutting-edge solutions for the international nuclear market including NPP construction, uranium mining and enrichment, nuclear fuel production and delivery. Nowadays, with our unparalleled competencies gained over 75 years, the company wins markets for new, advanced and innovative products. Hydrogen energy, energy storage systems, nuclear medicine, wind power industry, composites, logistics services, and sustainable solutions... with over a hundred new business lines Rosatom is one of the global leading tech giants.