On November 10, Rosatom will traditionally hold its international nuclear awareness initiative – Global Atomic Quiz 2023 to mark World Science Day. This year, the project will be conducted in 13 languages: Russian, English, Armenian, Bengali, Hungarian, Spanish, Kazakh, Portuguese, Turkish, Uzbek, Arabic, and Afrikaans. Participants will have a chance to not only win unique prizes but also to challenge artificial intelligence (AI). For the first time, several questions were generated with the help of neural networks. 

In addition to the online format of the quiz, in-person events will be organized in different cities around the world. The events will take place in Russia in a new ATOM pavilion at VDNH, Moscow and in nuclear energy information centers. To participate in this international initiative, it is necessary to visit the project’s website on November 10. Participants will have 24 hours to answer 20 questions of varyingdifficulty and topics. 

All participants of the Global Atomic Quiz 2023 will receive a digital certificate, which can be saved on their devices. It can also be shared with friends on social media. Besides, 100 winners with the best results will get unique prizes: an original sweatshirt with custom atomic patches and a spacious tote bag with an atomic print. The list of winners will be published on the project’s website by November 17. 

Global Atomic Quiz is not just a popular science contest but a truly global educational project, which explains the basics of nuclear physics, shows the importance of nuclear technologies in everyday life and highlights the role that nuclear plays in preserving our fragile planet. In the three years since its launch in 2020, the Global Atomic Quiz has been conducted in more than 11 languages and has attracted over 30,000 enthusiasts from more than 70 countries. In 2023, Global Atomic Quiz expands its geography and will be held online in 13 languages and in-person all around the world – from Brazil to Bangladesh. In 2023, the quiz became a winner of the IX All-Russian award “For Fidelity to Science” in the category “Science for the World”. 

In anticipation of the Global Atomic Quiz 2023, everybody can practice and test their knowledge by answering the questions of 2021 and 2022. For more information about the project, please visit the website quiz.atomforyou.com.